Circulets takes the fun for families and parties to the next level by introducing two players to a competitive play on a single device. Define your own rules as you collect circulets (or not) to play. It is a game not about winning, but about who you play with!

Awarded the Most Innovative game award at the Indie Prize Showcase during the international game developer’s conference – Casual Connect Asia 2013, Singapore, Circulets is a new kind of experience for your mobile devices.

~ Reviews ~

I’ve been playing with friends and it has been a lot of fun. They get used to the game very quickly and start enjoying it even sooner

Preshit Deorukhkar,

Circulets is a an extremely enjoyable game to play with family and friends. Its simplicity will attract players of all ages

Parth Bagaria, Hyderabad Chronicle

…it’s so easy to play, that I won’t be surprised if it climbs up to the top 10 of the paid apps list…

NT Balanarayan,

…one of the best two-player games available on mobile right now. It’s simple, fun, looks good and at just $0.99, is quite cheap…


…it’s like a new form of Rock, Papers, Scissors when you need to make quick decisions between friends…

Ford Seewus,

Highly recommended if you’re looking for an interesting few minutes with your pals

Varun Verma, Pune Mirror

It’s an intensely simple game, but the action is as furious as any FPS or beat-’em-up

Spanner Spencer,

…you did not tell me green is a bonus, i’d have gone for it!…


~ Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry ~

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~ Awards & Recognitions ~

Most Innovative game at Casual Connect Asia 2013

Most Innovative Game at
Casual Connect Asia 2013

Third Best Casual Game
at 6th Best App Ever Awards 2014

Honorable Mention for Most Innovative Game
at 6th Best App Ever Awards 2014

Honorable Mention for Most Innovative App
at 6th Best App Ever Awards 2014

Press Kit

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~ Team ~

Kinshuk Sunil

druid of the craft

Vasu Chaturvedi

wielder of the force

Yadu Rajiv

master of the nom

Vidhvat Madan

ghost in the machine

Sanchit Gulati

late to the party

Mayank Saini

keeper of the dark